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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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stolen by hackers over the holidays. those are the headlines at this hour. see you back here at 11 eastern. we will take you inside a prison in brazil which many people describe as hell on earth. consider this is up next. >> >> as the white house negotiations negotiates with iran, why are two americans still in prison while another is missing. also a disturbing oscar nominated look at whether the war on terror is creating more enemies for america. plus outrage in atlanta after a frigid response to a small snowstorm and should college players unionize? this is consider this and here's more on what's ahead. >> he was a former us soldier, is accused of spying.
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this they have poor judgments. >> one way to demonstrate they are serious is to free him. >> i knew i was missing the story. there was another war hidden in the shadows. i see roads snarled traffic. >> people are stranded. running out of gas. >> real scary. the whole bus tipped over. >> players on the university football team warrant to join a labor. >> ian: union. ncaa knowingly established a system to skirt labor laws. we begin with iran's nuclear program and reports of what could be a deadly aligns in syria. the nuclear inspectors visited a uranium mine. a trip officials call a goodwill gesture. but can iran be trusted
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despite the smiles and wiles of president rhany. in syria there are reports the assad government is buying oil with groups aligned with al qaeda. for more i'm joined from washington, d.c. by ambassador ginsberg. wednesday he moderated a panel on whether iran can deal in good faith. great to have you with us. how far is iran willing to go? we heard that iran will not dismantle centrifuges. isn't some give on these issues necessary to reach a diplomatic solution? >> sure there is. and there has got to be horse trading. but the parameters of the agreement that is supposed to be negotiated should be objective. it shouldn't be any interpretation for subjective wiggle room. after all, we can count the
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number of centrifuges the iaea can count whether or not a nuclear reactor is being mothballed or under construction. certainly everybody can count to whattics tent iran is continuing to enrich uranium or isolate and neutralize its uranium and plutonium. there is is a lot of spin going on. which is extraordinarily troubling. >> as you say, the wiggle room. every time there has been a conversation. the initial deal, the second conversation seems like every time there is some sort of agreement. then they go and say something that doesn't mesh with what the americans are saying. >> well, particularly given the fact that i can understand there is always, everybody has to play to their home base here. but why are iranians going out of their way after the accord
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was negotiated to lead for the framework agreement that hopefully will be negotiated, why are they going out of their way to completely detract from a t agreement that they reached. >> the united states said the iranians agreed to xyz. the president goes on another television show and says no, no, no. we didn't agree to that, the americans are spinning this. >> right. there seems to be a lot of that going on. >> here is what president obama had to say about iran last night. for the sake of our national security, we must give dip palacey a chance to succeed. if iran leader do notices the opportunity will be the first to call for more sanctions and mick sure iran does not build a nuclear weapon. is that military threat implicit, convincing at all or
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does the u.s. pulling out of iraq, afghanistan and the war and weariness that we have in this country and the fact that we did not go into irr syria that we have pulled back there. is this going to be seen as american and not really, not a serious threat? >> well, there is obviously that's a concern. it is ironic that the president said that he would be the first to support sanctions if iran didn't fulfill its commitment under an agreement. yet, he was the president that largely was the last person to favor stronger economic sanctions by the congress. >> i think it is objectively clear that -- well, the obama administration kicking and screaming and agreeling to more sanctions led iran to the negotiating table. be that as it may, there is no doubt that the president has not in any way shape or form prepared the american people for war may have be the conses of a failure if these negotiations do not succeed.
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and while all of us, everybody wishes to see that there be a imperically ironclad her metically sealed agreement, what happens if the agreement falls apart? >> the president threatened to veto any new sanctions against iran which a lot of people in the senate support because they think the talks would familiar apart. but, by saying that, by taking such a strong position against the senate, did he weaken his hand? >> in some respects there is a good cop, bad cop going on here. and more or less, the senate has made it clear that he is not going to bring that sanctions bill any time soon to the table. but the fact of the matter is that the more that the iranian leadership tries to dispute the interpretation of what the united states and its european allies as well as russia have
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determined to be the goals and objectives would shall, it would behooved hoove the administration to winked a nod that may call for the negotiations to bring the legislation to the floor. >> i want to talk a little bit about syria too. in the talks there. here is what u.n. mediator had to say about the ongoing talks about the syrian government and rebel factions. >> i do not expect that will achieve anything substantive. i'm not disappointed because i did not expect any result. this is exactly what i thought we would do is just talk to one another. and also agree that we will continue talking to one another. it is depressing to listen that. is that enough for the talks to keep going? the assad regime is refusing to let humanitarian aid into homes and dropping more barrel
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bombs and civilians in aleppo. the functional between what is often the ground and taking place in geneva, you could drive ten trucks 3 through. neither party willing to lay down their arms and negotiate a transitional government. you and i know that it took years, eight years for the civil war in lebanon forty to finally burn itself out. the fact of the mat irv is iffy can get some humanitarian relief for the people who are caught between the cross fire and homes, that would be great. but between al qaeda, seizing territory in the north between bombs reign raining down on innocent civilians and if parties not willing to agree to anything that resembles prisoner exchanges and the willingness of the assad regime to commit humanitarian supplies, it doesn't bode
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well. and mr.-- the u.n. representative obviously is probably as accurate as anyone. >> and you know, the asad regime has been spinning itself as the -- against terrorism. but then there is reporting that the islamic state and iraqian and syria, al qaeda linked are now controlling many of syria'sel oil fields and there are reports har thetists are selling some of the oil they are getting to the syrian government. why is this going on and there's one theory that assad may be actually doing this in order to weak 10 more moderate elements of the opposition and strengthen the more extremists so he can position himself as the anti-terrorist leader. >> isn't it ironic that the arsonist in chief is trying to
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women himself as the firefighter in chief. and asadd, i mean, when i read this article and as you reported it you shake your head and say this can't possibly be. but given the diabolical nature of what goes on for plotting and mcvailian politics in the middle east, just think about the fact that what assad wants to do is destroy the secular moderates that represent his most formidable political opposition. and then in effect, empower al qaeda, in ordinary for him to be skeen seens. i mean, could you create a more diabolical novel than that? >> yeah. pure dealing there in syria. >> it is a pleasure to have you on. >> good to be with you. >> we turn tow the ongoing
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effort to free an american mane. he weaseled arrested in the awesome of 2011. visiting grandparents. his parents were horrified when he was sentenced to death for spying for the c ia. of the verdict was overfurnished and a new trial ordered. but ever since, he has been held without trial or a pick statement of the charges against him. his friends and family insist he is innocent. >> in a letter, senator state john kerry stated that amr was retained on false charges. as for his release, he wrote the following. >>
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>> for more i'm joined by congressman dan kilde, a democrat. represents the district where the family lived. good to have you with us, congressman. >> this appears to be a grangeus young man. >> well, he is absolutely certain of his own innocence and so am i. his family like any other american family. amir was a high school hockey player like i was. >> he served in the u.s. marine core. he visited his grandmother and within a couple of weeks he was grabbed and was in a prison. it is a horrible situation for amir and his family. he does not believe that anyone should negotiate or trade anything for his release because he knows he is
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innocent. >> and you spoke to be president obama tuesday regarding appear's situation. >> and you and samantha power later. do you think it is doing enough. i have been in corn tact with the state department and toke a couple of times. i'm convinced they are pressing as hard as think can. it is important that we not put the negotiations into the mix hit comes to amir's situation. i think it is a pre-condition that iran can accept. they can't to hold americans. but it is -- >> to that point, former secretary of defense bill
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cohen jen pace and retired james jones and joseph ralston sent a eter to president obama espectfully urging the administration. >> as they attempt a formal accord, now is the perfect time for the release. other officials have raised his plight during the recent negotiations. but, they lifted those anxiouses as part of nuclear negotiations. don't you think though that he should have been a part of deal? >> well, i think it would be a dangerous to make him a ought pot of the deal where we are presumably given concessions. this is a situation that is up to the iranian government.
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they have to decide whether or not think will be taking from the international engagement. if they want to be taken seriously, they need to release him and other americans. that is a pre-condition to us taking a permanent agreement more seriously. i'm one that believed that these goals should be given a chaps to work. there are some remembers of congress that are much more step tickal. many of us who have not been so willing to engage or impose additional sanctioned now will be ready to act swiftly if
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notions fall apart. there seems to be an indication that the iranians may be pulling bang. we can act quickly in congress if we need to did, i think at this point in time, you need to i to give the negotiation space. >> you mentioned an american pastor who is also in prison in iran. bob has been missing for several 7 years. >> do you know anything them? >> i don't. i have been focused on amirs's family. each of these cases are a unique and different. >> what i know is that amir is a young man who went to visit his family.
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he was tried and quickly convicted. >> do you think temperatures were very high. do you think he was arrested to use him as a chip? >> it is-hearted hard to tell what the motivation are. high was using his own name, using family. i mean, he doesn't fit the profile of somebody who might be over there on anything other than a mission to see his grandfather. does he know that his fair is seriously ire from brain in is a difficult thing. i know his mother, his father.
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i know his sister. his brother-in-law. this is on their mind every minute of every day. and amir is a tough kwai. a former marine. but he is a young man who needs to be returned to his family. at -- i especially when his father is -- do you know if he ever reid that? >> i don't now hoe. but i have a good sense that -- i hope it got to him. the recent i sent the letter, it occurred to me what would i want my congressman to do if i had a son sitting in a prison on the other side of the world. i wa want to make sure he knew that his government doing everything that it can to keep him home. i would want my congressman to
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make sure he or she could. >> by won't gorget. >> u.n. and human rights officials have also within involved. has the family heard from the un as to how farr along they have gotten? >> there is a whole range of disexecutions. i would than careful to characterize those conversations. i know the family in is discussion with a multiple of -- multitude of folks. you know, the message is getting through to the iranian government that this is really important. they want to be taken seriously. they know that. >> we wish you the best in your efforts and thank you for joining us tonight. >> representative from michigan. >> thank you. >> before we go to break. i would like to update about fiveal l al arizona journalists. they were pinged up a month
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ago. they were locked up in agbayani. they have been taking false news. al jazeera asked that they all be admitted. o bourn with the daily telegraph had choice words for egypt's authorities. >> and for a great information plunge egypt who views my job as diurnalists is an ethical, decent job, which all decent societies need. it is a shame. >> al jazeera continues to pursue all possible offs to get our 5 judge journalists released. coming up, is the u.s.
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creating a counterinsurgency against itself. and our social media producer is tack tracking the latest on the web. >> wine is trending. you might be surprised to find out which country became the top son assumer of red win. >> and what do you think? join the conversation. clap
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forced to flee, many to neighboring countries such as
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>> is america's war on terror creating new enemies where it spreads? that is the idea in a documentary just released. >> it is hard to say when the story began. this was supposed to be the frontline in the war on terror. >> but i knew i was missing
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the story. there was another war, hidden in little shadows. a nightmare. >> so two men in the guest house where the first two were killed. >> you saw the u.s. forces take the bullets out of the body? >> who are these men who stormed into the home and why would they go to horrifying lengths to cover up their anxiouses? how would a covert unit taking over the largest war on the planet. >> they are dismissing what you have done. >> why are you still alive? >> he had an accident accident. >> jeremy is with first look media which launches over the first few months.
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he wrote firmed it. r great to have you here. >> let's listen to what president oobama had to say. >> even as we actively and aggressively have more networks. americas mist month over a -- that is why i have prudent limits on the use of drones. >> you spent a lot of time in afghanistan. do you think that is the role we should have? >> let's remember after the first two terms his national security officer sid there were 100 operate are atives. >> i think the americans have a right to ask,why are we there for? i think we have acited a lot more enemies than wee killed terrorists. should we leave a small pre
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sent. we will be stuck to a civil war. silt similar to what is happening in syria. the taliban have an indigenous support network. so the idea that we will keep the strike forces in place to do count irv terrorism. what terrorists are they counting in? they are led by officials who want the u.s. out of the country. you were rough. i want to quote one of those. oi have impressed prudent limits on lones drones. your movie starts with an attack. where special forces went in and killed 13 people, including a couple of pregnant women. two brothers.
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one was a -- is that where you first owes woke up to the fact that our refers not winning hearts and minds. i was familiar the fact that we had special operations forces. what i didn't understand is that the force that did that raid with this elite force called the joint specialomonrations command is a private par military force that reports to the white house. once we ream ides they had done this it was like peeling an amp. and you realize it drew some flares showed -- >> mccravin. it is kind of a bizarre picture. they brought a cheat.
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the americans were a p&l pollgizing for what happened. last week we had somebody on. we had 22,000 special forces that are stationed in different places. more than 5500s. >> so is this the way we are going to wage war in the future? is it really a special. as we say, we he wants to get to we are getting away from human intelligence and monitoring cell phones and special iops to go eye round to world. and what happens when technology goes awry. you show a case in yemen.
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where a krukow queues cruise missile instipulatedded for a large group of militant ended up landing on a poor trick. the tings ticks cans are -- killed dozens of people. >> part of what is at the heart of our film, i know there has been controversy about it. people have attacked us whether it. at the end of the day, the point was to put a human face on the wars. when the school shootings happen, the reason we empathize, we could see them why shouldn't we have the same empathy for people who live on the other side of the missile. >> it would be impossible. it is a heart breaking to look at that. and one thing that was distincting about all? is that you found that president obama had called the
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president putt and asked him to keep the handlist behind cars. in mexico journalists are begun gunned down. in syria, many are missing. most journalists killed are not famous white american reporters. >> sure. >> this is a gays like that where it resteeled that they had started a war and the journalist whoics mosted it is having a hottudey. >> we have a social media question for you. >> >> well, all journalist that are doing this kind of work
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come under some form of pressure. during the course -- and you see this during our film. during the course of investigation, i received a call from a very senior u.s. military official telling me if i published one of the stories that made this phone position that i would be on thin ice. i invite you to like at my inbox, it is not a two churches. either become paralyzed by your fear and let us do their job. >> you always spent a lot of time on the movie. the american citizen. he was a moderate and then became radicalized. you question whether we should be killing an american citizen outside our borders with
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canada. this is a guy who certainly was rebelieved to be associated al qaeda who may have been involved in the air reiner the attempting -- shouldn't we have gotten here with the drones. i think that he was a republic hence able person. and i wrote, i detailed what happened to the cartoonist. the point for me is not who he was. but who are we as americans and what message does our society of the world serves as the prosecutor judge year of an american who has been caught. the death penalty sunday sound like a medical ideal. >> and what people will argue
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is after all these years, whatever the u.s. is doing is working because there hadn't bloodstain a figure terrorist attack. >> first of all, we will pay a price for this down the line. everybody was saying look them pull down the sal. i think that we are going to get hit. in some form or another because of what we are doing. >> youty you are christina aguilera creasing is the even fewer. what can you tell me about it? >> we are working with the founder of eli. what we are doing is building a news asker that is going to
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have an adversarial posture. >> we are going to work with a hybrid of young rosters. it will be an, exciteing ice al jazeera has been bombed kicked off the new york stock exchange floor. now they are all in prison and by should think about it. >> it is best of luck to have you here. >> good luck the escars. >> time now to see what is trending on the web site. let's chick in. >>
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china drank 1.8 billion of red wine. a 136% increase over five years. the demand tore pho, has surged in recent years. we are going to,perts say that the governor red wine is associated with luck. white is the clowe of death. you don't want to drink white. why would you. we askedy to state what you like. >> white h some wife's grift give you head it yeah, you can read more at the web side the united states continues to be the number one coven assumer of all wines. >> thanks.
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and straight ahead. a minor winter gam causing a became down. >> litter. the old fight of takes a my turn on the february field. eye opening documentaries. they are impartial... >> if you wanted to be a good journalist in iraq, you have to risk your life... >> they observe. and report... >> kidnapping is a very real problem... >> journalists on the front line >> sometimes that means risking death >> getting the story, no matter what it takes >> that's what the forth estate is all about... that's why i'm risking my life... >> killing the messenger on al jazeera america
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>> no doubt about it, innovation changes our lives.
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opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. on al jazeera america >> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news channel. >> its the most exciting thing to happen to american journalism in decades. >> we believe in digging deep. >> its unbiased, fact-based, in-depth journalism. >> you give them the facts, dispense with the fluff and get straight to the point. >> i'm on the ground every day finding stories that matter to you. >> in new orleans... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news.
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>> outrage glowing atlanta, georgia where tuesday's snowstorms stranded people in their cars for 18 hours. while thousands of children got stuck spending the night on school buses or school. many are wondering if the city is destined to stop functioning when it gets hit with a little as little as two or three inches of snow? >> i don't think it was prepared for it. which issuings me, it happened two years ago. >> georgia governor in atlanta and the mayor are facing intense existentialism criticism. >> who is to blame? >> i think there was a mistake and there is shared responsibility for it. we have not had -- >> i this before. we don't have any fatalities. but that was the grace of god. into people got out of their cars on icy -- other cities seem to have it together when things happen like this.
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>> local and state media scrambled to help and social media proved to be a lifeline. for that we turn oour social media producer. >> snowed out atlanta started. it now has 52,000 members. the page was created for those who fleed hip to those who are able to pry it. >> hey nokes i'm at 28 give .6 0. i'll wake a mile or so if needed. my parents are safe. made to it montgomery. thanks forever kind now and how social media was wable able toible in.
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a schoolteacher was helped by bringling her. joining us via kuip. this i think we couldn't gety to a studio because of the mess that is out there. >> yes. >> you were stranded by this storm. what happened to you and your daughter. how did social media help? >> well, my daughter and i were going home when we realized the snow as coming down and got stuck on the road. and i decided to follow a and that is when i stayed in a he tell and stays in the loni. my mom posted on face book. and asked for people to sinned us food, water and things
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because my care had severe food allergies and they showed up. i realize how atlanta doesn't win a lo. >> though are upset because we feel that if we knew it was going to be -- a lot of people would have stayed home and it would have been a lot of people being stuck on interstates and the row. i had family member whose had to talk aboutics says of nine miles to get to their home. familiar live members separated from their children. it was very -- it was a nightmare. >> no de are upset. they have a foolgized for the mistakes that might have been made but defended their c
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reactions. >> i'm not going to get into the blame game. but the crisis that we are going through is across the region. if you look at anybody's streak in any community across the region. tho bun is doing a boater job than we doing in atlanta. the at the interstates are not -- are you satisfied with what you have heard from the mayor and the governor? >> no, i'm not. because as a teacher and mother i had to do everything necessary to get to my five-year-old daughter. none of us would have been on if roads. they knew there weren't enough resources and equipment. they should have better prepared for it. and told atlanta to stay home. >> as a public school temp you
10:44 pm
must be heartbroken about kids having to sleep on floors of schools and gym h gyms. and many not getting home for 24 hours. >> it was overwhelming. there were kids that were stuck at scoops, parents were walking miles to get to their children. staying over >> it. i commend the bus drivers. and you hope there is a silver lining that maybe this time they will learn their legs often? >> i nope. and any -- i nfl i'm glad you and your daughter are okay. i appreciate you joining us and telling your story. >> thank you for having my. >> what did she sea are the
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data dive is up next. >>
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>> today's data dive finds that not all mannequins are created equal. clothing stores have expanded creatures with thicker wastes and tattoos. 42% of customers buy outfits because of how they look an mannequins. america is not the only place to adjust its models based on cultural changes. so many venezuelans are getting enhancement surgeries.
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nearly one-third of women 18-40 had breast implants. in the u.s. our expanding waist lines have impacted us. reuters says that they have been forced to buy bigger wheelchairs, chairs, and wall mounted soldiers. the federal transit administration to see the impact. baseball has maybe the biggest telltale sign. both "new york times" replaced their stadiums and the witnesses of the seats had to be increased by one to two inches. too bad they couldn't squeeze out anymore wins on the field. >> coming up. a balancele brewing in college football. should student athletes form
10:49 pm
their own union? >> dr.
10:50 pm
al jazeera america. we open
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>> should college athletes be allowed to unionize and collectively bargain with the ncaa. northwestern's quarterback cane kolter announced that a majority of his teammates want to do just that. >> i'm pleased to announced that the northwestern footballing players have signed cards authorizing the college athletes player association to assert their rights. the nfl has the p.a. and now college athletes have the college athletes players association. >> their demands, they are not asking to get paid, at least not yet, instead asking for long term immediate coverage, living expenses and secure scholarships. joining us now is the sports
10:52 pm
of the nature. -- nation. as always, good see you. teachers aids. library attendance. they used to shall the school who make a ton of money nor the colleges? >> it it is a cartel and has a 500 million legal war chaste prevents student athletes from being able to fight and regain negotiation. it has been the case for 5 0 years. they have not had an opportunity that had the money to combat them in federal court. >> now think do. the ncaa response to the union proposal came from their chief legal officer. his statement read in part...
10:53 pm
>> >> clearly signaling that athletes get a free education and that should be enough. in a place like northwestern that costs more than $660,000. >> every sentence was a noun, verb and student athlete. and just for the record, donald remy is getting paid for his work unlike many of their employees. look, i think the repettive use of tune athlete is a shot across the players themselves because it is a term that was create by the ncaa's legal department in the 1950s, to keep a widow of a football player who died on the field
10:54 pm
of play from selecting workers combination. number one that they have used for over 6 0 years. they are the often material class fifecation. unless you are an ncaa athlete, you are governed by the ncaa. i saw this aimed directly at the legal team that is representing the players to say just know we are coming at you with 60 years of precedence on our side. >> let's take a more specific look at the players demands. future medical coverage for steat saint stain i had. do note lose their eligible responsibilities and to cover living expenses and tuition and housing. >> they are not asking for a paycheck? >> well, the n number one
10:55 pm
currency is in the tv dollars not bowl rev my, not march madness. the number one currency is control. that is why sited described as a cardel. it is not a i did rissive term. coke athletes for decades upon decades have been in this position of enindentured servitude. they fear if they lose that control it is all going to spin out of control. and toution a parallel. we could say why in the 1950s did the people care so much about whether or not people could sit on the front, the middle or the back of the bus? it is something so smalled today. but it was about do you have control? >> we have are a social media
10:56 pm
question for you. >> on twitter viewer eric says... >> >> they are actually paid. can you explain? >> i did respond to that. i'm a good social media friend. but the way i think we have to understand that,is when a court hears it is college lets are getting paid. they can apply to get rent subsidies dis. eating off campus, they can apply for payments. there are numerous examples of the ncaa cutting checks to players. so to me, that sort of gives the game away. it is like okay, if you are paying for someone's off campus housing and that is okay, why are they not entitled to a check.
10:57 pm
presumably the housing is coming from shwhere. >> that will be another section. student athletes getting great educations in exchange for their athletic abilities. but what happened when they had the scandal over fake classes for athletes. are they really getting this great education that the ncaa claims? >> we have heard how they are getting preferences and to you boring. they described the abuses of colleges. are they really getting a great education? >> no, they are not getting a good education. this is what was worried about 100 years ago. he wrote about it about his concern at yale. that athletes were only there as show ponies for alumni.
10:58 pm
and i think if he was alive today. first he would say i'm alive today and then he would say i'm i i cannot believe the system has grown to a pree proa found degree where a coach gets 100 times than that of a regular football. no, no, the education is not player. former al aa around interested view. he said we are not student athletes, by are athlete students. because it is made perfectly clear what our priorities need to be. >> you saw the bullying scandal. jonathan martin has now finally given an interview. he went into depth. >> new he has spoken on it. anything surprised you? >> the number one thing that surprised me is he said he never went to his coach joe philbin. that says to that there was an
10:59 pm
atmosphere that felt so dangerous and repressive that he felt -- and francly so winked at by the people in charge that he felt that he had no resource other than if he put it in the interview. physically removing himself from a situation. >> any chance that will change the cull fewer of the nfl? >> i i think it already has. the u.s. marine core has had guidelines hazing. they are not always followed but they existed for two -- aids. nfl has no such guideline. ten seconds, will we see martin or his alleged bullier on the field playing in the nfl again? >> yeah, martin definitely incognito might have to do a song and dance. main the oprah interview. maybe you can do it. and the door will be open for him too. >> dave, thanks. >> and the show may be over but the conversation continues on our web site al
11:00 pm this. find us on twitter another aj consider this. sey next time. >> "the daily beast" good evening, everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler in new york. frozen and frustrated. the ice storm paralyzing atlanta and a city running out of patience. >> a state of emergency in california as officials believe the supply in many communities will run out in weeks. >> it is time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a "mad men" episode. >> equal pay - the president's promise for women and the reality of the class ceiling


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